Giving New Live

To your old lawn

You Live in a Neighborhood Association Saves Many  lawn maintenance. if you pay $ 170 or 160 per month. You can have a Great Discount. At Month To Make a meeting and agree. prices can be lowered till $ 120? and $ 125?


Trimming & Pruning And Blackberry Removal, Godoy Landscaping Maintenance is a company with over 15 years of experience in the Oregon market. Our knowledge about turf have made us professionals without a doubt. All of our clients feel the same satisfaction of having a nice lawn. So, call now to hire our services.

We offer complete Landscaping Maintenance Commercial And Residential programs to our valued customers. Complete services include Mowing, Edging, Trimming, Pruning and Fertilization to handle unwanted weeds that do harm to your plants and turf grasses. To learn more about our services Click here ».

We serve Portland and Vancouver areas and our telephone numbers are: Portland (503)284-2158